• Stimulating Scientific Curiosity in Elementary and Middle School Students

  • Conducting Hands-On Activities, Demonstrations, and Interactive Discussions.

  • Encouraging students’ fascination with Science and Technology

  • Enhancing the Scientific Literacy of Students.

  • Enhancing the General Scientific Literacy of Students.

Adventure in Science is a nonprofit, all-volunteer run program affiliated with the University of Maryland 4-H Extension of Montgomery County, Maryland. At Adventure in Science, it is all about exploring our world by doing. Our participants meet each Saturday during the school year to join hands-on sessions hosted by local experts on some aspect of science, engineering, research and global ecology that they find exciting or interesting. During these sessions, the students get to experiment with the tools or ideas involved to better understand how they really work and make a difference in our society. Sometimes those ideas can grow into something new and make a difference in the world. Who says science isn't fun?


If you have not applied or registered students, you can submit your application here on the new application page. If you have already applied or registered students in the previous years, you will be sent an e-mail using the e-mail addresses you have previously given us.

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