Sessions & Projects

Session topics :

AIS has no set curriculum for classes. Most topics depend on the interest of volunteer teachers, and sessions are vetted by Site Managers to make sure that they meet the goals of the program. Many areas of science are covered, including subjects in physics, chemistry, biology, math, and engineering. Site Managers also recruit volunteers to teach specific topics requested by the students. On a given Saturday, most AIS sites have two or more sessions running concurrently, and each student chooses which session to attend. Some sessions make use of commercial science kits, while others use materials assembled by teachers and AIS.” (Don’t say up front AIS will pay for the materials since some people will then not let AIS know what is being purchased and expect AIS to pay for them, even if unreasonable, since it is stated on its website.)

Independent projects:

For the last few months of each AIS season, the students work at home on an independent and individual science projects. We encourage students to choose projects that ask a question, involve designing and carrying out an experiment or series of observations, and drawing conclusions relating to their original question. After these projects are completed, students present a short (5 – 10 minute) summary of their investigations, illustrated by slides. These presentations occur on the last Saturday morning of Adventure in Science, known as Parents’ Day. These presentations provide the students with an opportunity to speak about science before a friendly audience interested in what they have to say.