NIST Information


After passing through the main entrance, turn left, and drive towards the tall building (Building 101). Please park in either the parking lot in front or to the side of this building. (Do not park in the road in front of this building, as these are reserved spaces and your car will be towed!) Enter through the glass doors of this building - the meeting rooms are Lecture Rooms A-D which are on your left.

On Saturday mornings, we will begin at 9:15 am. You should not arrive prior to 9am except on the first day of the program. On the first day of the year, Saturday October 16th, we recommend that you plan to arrive on the NIST campus between 8:30 am - 9:00 am to leave enough time for completing your security check and finding our meeting room.

You must have your AiS badge as well as a valid, government issued photo ID (which must be your green card or passport if you are not a US citizen) to pass through security for access to the NIST grounds. AiS badges are issued, in person, on the first day of the program.