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The AIS program runs every Saturday morning (9-11 a.m.) from October to March. Each Saturday morning, the students explore a different topic for the two hours that day. Each topical session is designed to teach basic concepts in the field by means of a few simple experiments performed by the students. To do this, we try to use a "hands on" approach and utilize enthusiastic professionals extensively. These professionals came from local national laboratories, universities, or professional/student societies, as well as from among the parents of the students. We find that by teaching the students in this manner, they learn not just because of their own active participation (which certainly is effective), but also because the obvious enthusiasm of the technical professional leader (since he/she works in the area) is contagious. We try to plan at least one choice in the physical sciences, one in the biological sciences, and one in the computer sciences each Saturday in an attempt to expose the students to as many different areas as possible and to let them know that “science” is comprised of much more than simply biology, physics and chemistry. Also, we want to teach the students that science is all around them, that it is fun, and that you don't need to be an expert scientist to understand it. Finally, the topics explored during each Saturday morning are different from both the previous and following weeks' programs.

During the last month of the program (February), the students work on projects of their choice (with the assistance of a technical professional in the area). On the final day of the program, Parents' Day, the students present their projects to their parents and the other students in the guise of a normal professional meeting. This gives them experience with presenting a topic and answering questions, and the format allows them to learn about a wide-range of topics other than what they themselves studied.

Through the support of the National 4-H Headquarters, we have additional assistance with administrative functions (e.g., registration, Board of Director meetings, and Parents' Day planning). 4-H also makes available a host of other 4H programs to the AiS participants, and provides insurance, to help control the rising costs associated with running an organization like this.