Lesson Plan for Buoyancy


Random objects (i.e. cork/wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, paper hat, etc.)
Plastic bottle (empty) with cap
Two (2) Large rectangular buckets that will hold water

Who has ever played in the water?
Can you float in a swimming pool?
Ever seen little kids with arm rings?
Is it easier or harder to float with a life vest?
Do you float better or worse or the same in the ocean (salt water)?
Any guesses as to why?
What is buoyancy?
What kinds of objects float or sink?
(use random objects in rectangular bucket of water)
Does the flotation of a plastic bottle depend on what it is filled with?
Does the “water line” depend on how much water is in the bottle?
How does buoyancy work?
How do we float?
How do scuba divers sink?
Why can ships carry cargo that weighs so much and still float?
Why did the Titanic sink?
How do dragon flies walk on water? Is this buoyancy or something else?

Build a boat that can carry the most cargo (weight of pebbles) without sinking